Your Restaurant, Powered by Chop

We’re excited to announce the launch of Chop for Business (, which enables restaurants to deploy their own branded solution, powered by Chop technology.

Since our initial launch last October we have partnered with more than a dozen restaurants in San Francisco. We have a >35% visit to registration rate, and a >14% click to purchase rate, which is much higher than the standard commerce conversion rate. The reason why is simple: Chop’s main focus is user experience.

With our current business model however, which allows individual restaurants to be on the Chop platform, we have to acquire both users and merchants–making for a business model that’s difficult to scale without a large sales force.

Our users respond to our clean design, and functionality, and restaurants like the ease of deployment. It seemed a natural extension then, to provide the Chop platform to restaurants searching for an affordable, branded mobile commerce solution. For restaurants, Chop provides the front-end technology customers want, without crippling expenses or an in-house engineering team.

Chop is a future-proof mobile commerce platform, written from the ground up in React Native. React Native allows for easier OTA updates, theme customization and faster iteration,  all of which are essential for restaurants who want to maintain their own brands, while doing quick inventory updates, and menu changes over the cloud.

In the age of mobile commerce, it’s clear that businesses have to engage customers differently. Customers want ease of ordering, pay ahead options, and faster service, and Chop allows restaurants to provide just that. Our commerce product offerings will  include apps, mobile web via Progressive Web App, Facebook Messenger, and voice. While the app delivers the best user experience, the Progreesive Web App gives users instant access to the service without having to download a thing. Voice and messenger ensure Chop grows with your business, ideal for hands-free ordering, or shortcuts to service. Mix and match the services you want to offer, for a custom platform designed just for your restaurant.


Our mission is to deliver the best mobile commerce experience. Feel free to reach out at ( if you’d like to learn more.


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