Purposeful Design for User Permission

Design is the beauty of turning constraints into advantages. I love mobile design because it’s full of constraints. Those constraints force us to think carefully about how and when we present information to the user, and what questions we ask, leading the user to hopefully make the selection we want.

Order Takeout

Why Chop

Our mission is to make a mobile commerce solution that will grow with merchant and consumer needs, available and affordable to local businesses. Customers can then have the Starbucks experience at any shop, and the merchant avoids astronomical upfront costs.

Fast and Fluid Infinite List with React Native

Infinite List, Windowed List, and RecyclerView are not new. In fact, their ideas are rather simple: render only what’s visible from the user’s viewport, recycle all item view instances with a smart backing data store, and progressively re-render dirtied items based on the scroll position delta. But details matter, and it’s not often done efficiently, regardless of platforms.